AWR Checklist

Have you been provided with the following Working Time Regulation (A.W.R checklist ) by your current supplier,

  • Provided you with information on the Agency Workers Regulations, to include the responsibilities and liabilities of both parties?
  • Met with you on a one-to-one basis to conduct an impact assessment?
  • Established if there are any comparable workers or employees?
  • Discussed Day 1 entitlements for all agency workers, establishing collective facilities and amenities?
  • Asked you for detailed information on the basic working and employment conditions applicable to comparable temporary workers after 12 weeks in a given job?
  • Informed you of the processes and IT systems which will enable them to monitor and track all regulatory requirements?

If not are you working with a supplier that you can entrust your business to.


We have following openings

Forklift Drivers Dockside

Forklift Drivers

job location Dagenham
Industry Icon Industrial
£12.33 per hour
Retail Experienced Security Officers Dockside

Retail Experienced Security Officers

job location London
Industry Icon Industrial
£11.50 to £14.00 p/h
Recycling Operatives Dockside

Recycling Operatives

job location Southwark
Industry Icon Industrial
£11.44-£13.15 p/h
Day and Night Cleaners Dockside

Day and Night Cleaners

job location West London Area
Industry Icon Industrial
£11.44 to £12 per hour depending on job role
Cloak Room Attendants Dockside

Cloak Room Attendants

job location West London Area
Industry Icon Industrial
£11.44 per hour
Porters Dockside


job location West London Area
Industry Icon Industrial
£11.44 P/H
Warehouse Print Operatives Dockside

Warehouse Print Operatives

job location Harlow & Waltham Cross
Industry Icon Industrial
£11.44 Days and £12.33 Per hour for nights
Boat Cleaners Nights Dockside

Boat Cleaners Nights

job location Trinity Buoy Wharf
Industry Icon Industrial
£11.44 per hour
Porters E14 Dockside

Porters E14

job location East London Area
Industry Icon Industrial
£14.00 p/h
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