What Do Catering Staff Do and How they can Help Make Your Event Successful?

What Do Catering Staff Do and How they can Help Make Your Event Successful? Dockside


We often wonder about hiring enthusiastic staff for our special events. The jobs in the catering industry range from serving food and beverage services and the team to serving guests on occasions such as wedding, celebrations or any important events. Caterers could be associated with a restaurant or can run their own business.

What is a Catering Company?

Catering is the practice of providing food service for events or festivals. The catering company usually prepares the food on its premises and transports it to the client’s location as required. It can also provide beverages, cutlery, crockery, decorations, and staff for the event.

What is a Catering Staff?

The catering staff is responsible for the preparation and serving of food items. They are responsible for making, delivering, and serving meals and beverages to customers based on the menu they choose and the type of event. Their tasks may include; Creating menus and service plans, Coordinating the delivery of meals and Managing timeframes for food preparation.

What are the roles and responsibilities of catering event staff?

The catering event coordinator's duties include welcoming guests to the event, managing decorating, and planning an event. Managing the preparation of food and its presentation, ensuring the inventory, communicating with suppliers, supervising staff, and ensuring the kitchen is clean and safe are also included in the responsibilities. They prepare budgets, track invoices, plan event activities and food services, and evaluate results.

It could also include a chef for the kitchen to prepare delicious meals, with the skills to chop vegetables, cut meat, and perform many other tasks with sharp knives. They are responsible for preparing the venue, including the equipment maintenance and managing the amount of stock to prepare what the client requires.

Catering event staff also includes the cleaners who are responsible for sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming the floor and toilets and cleaning and dusting the mirrors and furniture for before and after the event.

Benefits of Hiring Catering Staff for your Event.

There are many incredible benefits when you hire a catering staff service for your events to make them unique, as hospitality and catering staff members can assist you in smooth planning and running your event.

  • They can assist you in setting up the place before the event and cleaning up afterwards.
  • They generally arrive several hours before the start of the event to finish any food preparations.
  • They'll make sure that food is prepared and heated properly.
  • They will also be there after the event to ensure all the mess is cleared.
  • They are also accountable for serving food during the entire event.
  • They can answer all guests' questions regarding food. You need not be concerned about whether the food will be sufficient for all guests or if there's a requirement for refills.
  • There will be a variety of food made by the chef during the event. The menu will generally include starters, main courses followed by desserts and various drinks.

With the hospitality and catering recruitment agency in the U.K, you can get professional catering staff services who will be guaranteed to manage your special events and will make them memorable. This means that hiring the right people for the right place will bring an extra level of attention to your event. From the exquisitely designed plates to how food items are presented, the occasion will be more successful if you employ a competent catering staff with good experience.

Dockside Personnel ensures to provide the skilled staff with the right experience who are proactive enough to prepare and serve food and set up the venue to make your event successful.

Contact us today to hire a catering staff for your event!

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